Worship Preparation

-Jordan Curry-

Worship can take many different forms, but there is something amazing about singing songs with other people lifting up the one who created the universe. The fact that we can join with the angels singing “holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty” is a privilege and such a joy! But with that said, worship can easily be interrupted with logistics and small details that become the center of our attention. Playing guitar is something that I absolutely love but it also offers a number of distractions. The never-ending quest for gear, trying to nail guitar parts perfectly, worrying about my tone and always trying to get it to sound better… these are all things that consumed my attention and altered my intentions in worship. 

Although we are called to do everything with excellence, and these things are important, if that is our focus, we are missing out on true worship. 


The way for me to experience true passionate worship while playing guitar requires preparation. I find it is easy for me to rely on ability and to play only what is necessary, but the times when I work through every detail at home ahead of time are when I am fully able to worship our Father. The keys of the songs on a setlist, chords, transitions, what overdrive pedals I’m using, and delay BPMs no longer take the place of true worship because I have put in the time beforehand. When I prepare in advance, I can fully partake in what the Lord has for me as a leader and a worshiper.