King of Glory

-Matthew McGinley-

"Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle."
-Psalm 24:7-8

What is the most glorious sight, object, person you can think of? Maybe it’s an amazing mountain sunset, a certain feeling, or a loved one. Here on earth, so many things war for our attention, begging to be worshiped for their glory. We’re so quick to call things glorious, awesome, amazing, rad, sick, whatever it may be. Recently I’ve been going through the Psalms one by one in search of just one attribute per psalm to praise God for each day and when I came across this passage, something stuck out to me. Our God is the KING of Glory! That phrase hit me like never before as more than just a name or a nice catch phrase; over all things glorious, God sits enthroned.

Why would we choose lower things in the kingdom of glory when the King Himself has asked us to come before His throne? He has invited us into His inner room. So many things are trying to get us to come in and dine with them in this kingdom. As we walk the streets up to His glorious throne, the things of this earth are at their door inviting us in but we must hold fast to the still small voice that says, “Come, my child and be with me.” The things of this world offer slavery to a lesser glory, but He offers sonship to the King of Glory.

The things of this world offer slavery to a lesser glory but He offers sonship to the King of Glory.

Our only valid response in His presence has to be that of Mary in John 12. I’ve read that story too many times to count but recently God showed me something new. In this passage it’s recorded that Mary poured out an entire jar of perfume on Jesus’ feet. This was no cheap perfume; in fact, it was estimated to be worth a full year’s wages! I’ve always thought of this story as just one iconic moment of surrender and worship before Jesus by Mary but I don’t think that gives us the entire picture of what this actually cost her. Most people can’t easily go out and buy something that costs the amount of their yearly salary. It takes diligence, time, and dedication to save up that kind of a sum. I think when you look deeper into the heart of Mary, you see someone who is so in love with Jesus, and sees so much worth and glory in Him, that she spent every day leading up to that event setting aside her money so that one day she could pour it all out on Him. 

See guys, worship isn’t about one event, a church service, a platform; worship is the daily surrender to the One we recognize as far more glorious than anything else in this world. God is worthy of every ounce of our worship. He poured it all out for us, so let’s pour it all out for Him. As long as there is air in our lungs, we will worship something. Let’s not get caught worshiping anything other than the King of Glory.